What we do

We assist clients in navigating the ever-changing competitive landscape, by providing thought leadership expertise and coaching, with a focus on: 

  • Business strategy planning  

  • Process engineering / improvement  

  • Program / project management    

  • Organization change management (OCM) - The people side of change     

    • Assess scope of change  

    • Identified impacted stakeholders  

    • Analyze the impact by stakeholder groups  

    • Develop change management and communication plan  

    • Align plan to leadership's objectives  

    • Execute change management plan  

  • Solution implementation management 

    • Workshop facilitation - Business design

    • ERP technology implementation  

We offer results driven consulting across multiple disciplines of business, built on the principles of Six Sigma (quality) and Agile project management, which are essential for continued business growth and success

Why   TSI Consulting?

Personalized  Approach

TSI Consulting does not supply cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions.  

For each engagement, our consultants assess requirements, scope of change, analyze the impact of the change, develop and execute plans that are aligned with client's objectives and priorities. We aim to help our clients realize their goals and return on investments (ROI)

An Energized  Team  

Our team looks at each engagement as an opportunity to build success with innovative process optimization, organizational change management, instructional design, learning delivery, and technology solutions to bring about organizational transformation.