TSI Management Consulting

TSI Education consulting team’s main goal is to help our clients reach their targets. In collaboration with our client sponsor, implementation partners and key stakeholders, our consultants assess the scope and impact of change, then develop the change strategy and approach needed for success.

This approach helps us to better coach our stakeholders, and execute an OCM and training plan that will yield good return on the client's investment.

The Challenge

Global competition, shifts in political climates, and the constant emergence of new technology, create a need for organizations to continuously change and improve. Corporations invest millions of dollars annually on systems and process improvement initiatives, with the goal of reducing operating costs, capturing new markets, and increasing profits. Every change must be managed, to ensure expected results and return on investment.

The Solution

TSI Education’s Change Management and Training consultants, in collaboration with project sponsors, implementation partners, and stakeholders, work to ensure the organization is ready for the impending change.

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Why TSI Education Consulting?


Personalized Approach- According to PMI, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.  Therefore, TSI Education does not supply cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions.  For each engagement, our consultants assess the scope of change, analyze the impact of the change, develop and execute communication and training plans that are aligned with corporate objectives and priorities. We aim to help our clients realize their goals and return on investments (ROI)

An Energized Team - Our team looks at each engagement as an opportunity to build success with innovative process optimization, organizational change management, instructional design, learning delivery, and technology solutions to bring about organizational transformation.